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Welcome, and thank you for visiting My name is Nick, and I am veteran practitioner in the humanitarian assistance and disaster management field. My direct experience has included working on Pacific Island and Middle East issues. Currently, I am practicing in the United States. While I must keep my professional work separate from my creative work at, it is my hope that what you see and listen to here is a critical fusion between Disaster Management, Humanitarian Assistance, Climate Change, International Security, and Geopolitics, with a focus on forward-leaning trends.

Founded in 2012, my articles covered issues ranging from locust outbreaks exacerbating food crises in Africa, to massive cyclones impacting food security in the Pacific Islands, to humanitarian power projection trends in the Middle East.

Starting in late 2015, I have evolved the format of this site to be a podcast/interview format. Check out the news page for interviews with guests including Paul Beckwith, Jennifer Hynes, Kevin Hester, Rick Gannotta, and Robert Young Pelton.

Of special interests are "Black Swan" scenarios--the paradigm-shattering worst case possibilities that consequence managers are prudent to manage against,

In the recent podcasts, you will hear about "rivers" of migrants needing vital humanitarian support on precarious travels to Europe. You will hear about Blue Ocean events, fractured jet streams, methane outbursts, and "cryptoform" viruses that may demand the rapid evolution of the global humanitarian community. Thanks so much for visiting. If you would like to reach me, please use the Contact Form on the right sidebar to send me a message or join my e-mail list.

New: Podcast Episode 6 with Francesco Femia and Paul Beckwith

In a broad discussion with, Center for Climate and Security President and Co-Founder Francesco Femia describes the evolution of the organization, its broad coalition of defense, security, and foreign policy advisors, as well as trends in the Middle East and North Africa, Asia Pacific, and Arctic regions. Mr. Femia also details the stress on international capabilities brought by multiple, cascading disasters that he describes in a newly-released documentary he appears in, Age of Consequences.

This podcast also features a debuts a new segment called, “Situational Awareness,” in which Paul Beckwith from the University of Ottawa, Laboratory for Paleoclimatology, briefs the devastating Fort McMurray fire disaster in Canada, rapid arctic changes, and the international security implications of what he is describing as a global climate emergency—with possibility of a catastrophic Blue Ocean Event in a summer in a very near future, within a growing context of “Disaster Bingo.”